Getting schooled

Today is the day!

Back in November of 2013, I wrote a post that I had begun to write a story. I wrote about 500 words and then…nothing. The well had dried up. I got involved in other things. I made excuses and that was that.

The desire to write stayed with me, but the inspiration had shriveled. It was like feeling hungry with no specific craving. Mildy uncomfortable, but, easily ignored. Until I started slush reading for Cast of Wonders last Spring.

(Slush readers, if you’re unfamiliar, wade through submissions made to publishers to separate the good from the bad for the editors. I am just one part of an incredible team at Cast of Wonders, and I am always so impressed with the comments made by my fellow readers. We’re a pretty great team, I think.)

Having read scores and scores of short stories since then, some great, some not so great, has kept that itch to write active. So when the local community college sent the quarterly Continuing Education pamphlet recently, I was happy to see a Creative Writing class was scheduled, and that it fit into my schedule!

Full disclosure: I have actually taken this class before. It was in my first or second semester of college. Back in the very early 1990’s. I was not a very good student back then, so I don’t remember a single thing about it, except that we printed our assignments with a dot matrix printer.

I’ve been told to not expect much from the class. I’ve been told that this will help me immensely. I’ve been told that only idiots attend creative writing classes. I’ve been told that I have to attend creative writing classes if I ever want to improve.

I don’t know what to expect, to be honest. (I don’t even know who the instructor is going to be, to the annoyance of at least one of my friends!) I do have a hope though. I hope that having to write will help me get into the habit of actually writing.

To me, that’s the hardest part.

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