Pressure Treated Palace (aka Kitty Kastle) – A tale of two spoilt Siberian cats

When my husband I started getting serious about each other back when we were dating, I started researching cat allergies.  He is allergic to cats, and me? I am allergic to not having cats.  I learned that we could both be happy (and relatively histamine free) with Siberian cats; the national cat of Russia!  They’re known as a naturally hypo-allergenic breed as they produce lower levels (if any at all) of the protein that cause people with allergies to react.

After we got married, bought a house and settled in, I found a breeder and sent away for a fur sample to test Brian’s reaction.  Luckily, he didn’t react and we brought our girl Kisa (rhymes with “Lisa”) home.  A year and a half later, we brought Jasper home to keep her company.  (I think Brian was jealous at how closely Kisa and I bonded.  He wanted another “man” in the house!)  Part of the deal we struck with the breeder was that we pledged to keep the cats inside.  We were fine with that.  Even though all of my cats previous have been allowed to go in and out as they please, I know it’s safer for them to stay in.

Now, with that said, it was clear that Kisa was really very interested in going outside.  In fact, one day before Jasper came home, she did get out.  She ran right up one of the very tall pine trees in the front yard and got stuck.  (We ended up having to call our friend to borrow a ladder.  Thanks again Doc!)


After we built the back deck, I found something that would help.  Installing a cat door in the kitchen leading to the deck, we bought something called “Kittywalk.”  It’s actually a pretty cool system of interchangeable pieces to build an enclosure for your cat(s) made of nylon meshing, metal rods and canvas.  We got the “Town and Country”  set up and life was good.  Until a few years in when the mesh started to disintegrate.


Brian had an idea.  He had power tools, hand tools and the knowledge to use them.  He also had a pick up truck and two large home improvement stores close by.  So as I dismantled the old and decaying Kittywalk, he got to work.


(I realize we should have power washed the deck and house first.  That’s still on the agenda.)



We love the new tunnel.  Not only does it serve us humans as a bench or side board, for the cats it’s wider, taller and longer than the old Kittywalk.  It lacked the height of the old system though.  Brian wasn’t happy with his kitties being deck bound.  He knew that they liked having the option of being up high.  Besides the better view, the chances of ear scratches are much greater when eye level with mom and dad!



Says Brian, “OK, the tower is good and all, but why limit them to the deck?  Lets expand!”


“They shall have an atrium”, declared Brian.


Jasper doesn’t care what it’s called.

“You know what?” asked Brian.  “We have a big yard.  Let’s build more!  How about we connect the atrium to a skywalk into a giant enclosure?”

“Uh, ok.” I replied.


Don’t let the sour look on Jasper’s face fool you.  He loves his new spaces.  He’s just jealous that Kisa was the first in the skywalk.  Even though it doesn’t lead anywhere yet, he still wants to be in there



The building continues…this blank outside wall will soon be the inner wall of the kitty kondo part of the palace.


I’ll be sure to update as the expansion continues!

One thought on “Pressure Treated Palace (aka Kitty Kastle) – A tale of two spoilt Siberian cats

  1. gregbura October 14, 2013 at 10:12 am Reply

    I’m willing to bet there are some rich Cat owners who would love to have one of these.

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