I watched a web series!

Yesterday I was home sick from work and bored out of my gourd. So I stumbled upon a web series starring Julia Stiles called Blue. Holy shit, I cannot believe how hooked on this I became! There’s 2 seasons so far, S1 has only 12 episodes of about 7 minutes each, but S2 has 26 of about the same length…
Anyway, I just finished the last episode and I realized that I haven’t been this emotionally attached to characters on a “TV” show since Downton Abbey. (Not including Game of Thrones, since I will always consider them literary characters. And TV is in quotes since it’s youtube.)
The plot of Blue is nothing like Downton; the main character is a 29 year old single mom (Stiles) who compliments her income as an employee at an accounting firm with high end escort work. But these little glimpses into Blue’s life are incredibly moving and her interactions with everyone, from her clients to her day job coworkers to her 13 year old son, is just…well, moving.
And, that’s my $0.02 on Blue.

Blue Season One Episode One


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